Office is Open for Chiropractic Services

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Department of Homeland Security Identifies Chiropractors as Essential Service Providers

"California chiropractors are essential! The statement by the DHS has validated CalChiro's stance that we are an extremely valuable asset to the healthcare infrastructure. Chiropratcors are providing essential care to patients and limiting the strain on the urgent and emergency care systems."

I am honored to provide services for all Santa Cruzans as we navigate through this crisis. Your spinal care is essential and we are going above and beyond for the safety of our patients. 


  • We practice social distancing - no one is allowed in the waiting room. Patients are ushered to their treatment rooms upon arrival. 
  • We wipe down all surfaces prior to and after patients such as: door nobs, tabletops, bathroom key, etc. 
  • We have air purifiers with antimicrobial capabilities on at all times
  • Dr. Rozenn, Dr. Bean, and our office assistant, Alex, will be wearing N95 masks for your protection, and we ask that you wear your mask to your appointment as well.

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